at VAULT Festival February 13 - 17th at 7:50pm

CALL ME FURY is about The Witch Trials. Sort of. It’s a ferocious exploration of womanhood in a world where the people around you, the legal system, the whole social order don’t seem to give a damn. Sound familiar?

A group of women charged with witchcraft await trial and inevitable execution in a dungeon. There is no escape - except through their imagination, memory and humour, which in defiance are wild and boundless. The gallows loom just above them as a constant and physical reminder of the patriarchy, those that believe “when a woman thinks alone, she thinks evil.”

Using folk songs and stories from Witch Trials across the world - from England, Colonial America, Scandinavia, Africa and beyond - their individual yet shared experiences are unified by the common thread of men silencing what they don’t understand. But they will not be confined to this dungeon; they will not be confined to History.

CALL ME FURY, a new play by Sasha Wilson (author of BURY THE HATCHET - VAULT 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner/Offie Nomination Best Ensemble) is a feral scream of rage, a commentary about sexual politics and feminism today.

For women then, now and always. (But also for you, gents.)

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