Bury the Hatchet


"A strong debut production from a fledgling theatre company." - Live Theatre UK

★★★★ "The epitome of meta-theatre!" -London Theatre 1

★★★★ [Leaves you] wishing school history lessons had been as enthralling as this." - Theatre Weekly

★★★★  "An unorthodox delight." - London Pub Theatres

 "In places it is knockabout funny, but it also seriously challenges attitudes around sexism and gender issues... and the picking, playing and singing are quite sublime." - Horror Hothouse



We are out of the Forest


Out Of The Forest Theatre was formed in April 2017 by Sasha Wilson, Joseph Prowen, Sam Jenkins-Shaw and Joseph Cullen as an ensemble-based theatre company that attempts to redefine the traditional narrative structure of the theatre with an eye to blending music, movement and storytelling with hopes of shining a spotlight on women, weirdos and way-begotten characters of history and our bizarre modern society. Because strange and wonderful things hide in plain sight and they should be explored and celebrated.


Sasha Wilson / Artistic Director

Joseph Prowen / Actor cum Resident Fiddler and Banjo Diddler

David Leopold / Actor and Six-string Picker

Joseph Cullen / Executive Producer

Claire Gilbert / Associate Producer

Sam Jenkins-Shaw / Company member und Guitarist

Asia Osborne / Associate Director


Supported by  BAAS / US Embassy Small Grants Programme