BUry THe Hatchet

Lizzie borden took an axe...

Andrew Borden and his wife Abby are found dead in Fall River, Massachusetts on the morning of August 4th, 1892.

Their daughter Lizzie is the main suspect. 

Tried but acquitted of the crime, the story goes that she wielded the axe that killed them. Overnight, she becomes America's original “mad, bad and dangerous to know” icon of tabloid and rumour. 

Set to prairie bluegrass music, and fusing folktale, nursery rhyme and Vaudevillian horror,  “Bury the Hatchet” will settle the age-old question: Did Lizzie escape the hangman's noose? And is Andrew and Abby's blood truly on her hands?

| WINNER VAULT Festival “People’s Choice” Award 2018 | | WINNER Off West End “Best Ensemble” Award 2018 | | NOMINATED Broadway World “Best Musical” Award 2018 |

"Worth suffering forty whacks to see."

- There Ought To Be Clowns

Previous tour of Bury the Hatchet:

13 - 14 July 2017 King’s Head Theatre

7 - 11 March 2018 VAULT Festival

3 - 4 April 2018 Theatre N16

27 April - 6 May 2018 Taliesin West, AZ USA

3 May 2018 Rosson House, AZ USA

26 July - 16 August 2018 The Hope Theatre

18 August 2018 Canary Wharf Garden Space

Bury the Hatchet is available for performances from March 2019. For more information please email info@outoftheforesttheatre.com

"A strong debut production from a fledgling theatre company." - Live Theatre UK

"Unlike most on the fringe scene." - The Play's The Thing

"Played at a whistlestop pace, it's a grisly story that grips." - What's On Stage

★★★★ "Engaging, hilarious, interesting and brilliantly performed, Bury the Hatchet is one of the most entertaining history lessons you’ll ever receive!" - Love London Love Culture

★★★★ "In the hands of Out Of The Forest Theatre the bloody slaughter and Lizzie's subsequent trial become an inventive and lively piece of musical theatre with nine well-composed songs delivered by three gifted actor-musicians." - Act Drop  

★★★★ "The epitome of meta-theatre!" -London Theatre 1

★★★★ [Leaves you] wishing school history lessons had been as enthralling as this." - Theatre Weekly

★★★★  "An unorthodox delight." - London Pub Theatres

 "In places it is knockabout funny, but it also seriously challenges attitudes around sexism and gender issues... and the picking, playing and singing are quite sublime." - Horror Hothouse


Photocred: (Above) Liam Bessell (Below) Reg Madison

On Your Head Be It

A Cautionary Tale

★★★★ “Quite brilliant in a weird kind of way.” - Close Up Culture

666/666 “literally crackles with razor-sharp wit and highly charged emotion.” - Horror Hothouse

★★★★ “Genuine laugh-out-loud moments to enjoy in an unexpectedly bittersweet show.” - London Theatre 1

All happy couples have a hobby, For Eleanor and Stuart, it’s homicide. But Eleanor’s been getting a bit carried away recently, and Stuart thinks they need some r&r. Cue rural Wales, surely nobody can get on their nerves here? Hilarity and horror inevitably ensue to overwhelm their romantic getaway when a local cabbie makes a wrong move, and Eleanor knows exactly how to take her revenge; and no, it isn’t a strongly worded email to the cab company. “On Your Head Be It” is a black comedy that delves into the depraved psyches of this young couple as their battle for dominance sees their relationship disintegrate.

All he wanted was a quiet weekend away, but someone forgot to pack the bin bags... 

“the marriage of gallows humour and rom-com” - The Play’s the Thing

★★★★ “Precision acting, a sharp script and a deft plot” - Everything Theatre